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Sat September 28, 2024 Marseilles, IL 61341 US Directions

Frequently Asked Questions


What's included with the registration fee?

Admission to the event, a sweet medal and t-shirt, chip timing, professional action shot photos and an awesome experience! You'll get a few other swag goodies, but we want to surprise you with those.


What does OCR stand for?

OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing. An OCR race combines trail running with obstacles, such as walls that you will climb over, things you will crawl under, monkey bars and other things that you will hang and traverse across, and carrying heavy things like sandbags, and more. You'll probably also get to play in some mud. We've also seen OCR's referred to as "Mud Runs", "Adventure Races",  or "Mudders". Sometimes when we're trying to explain to people what an OCR is, we'll get the occasional "Oh is that like Ninja Warrior?". Sort of. You'll see some similarity in obstacles, but OCR is OUTDOORS with trail running in-between obstacles.


What types of people do the Midwest OCR?

Athletes and adventure seekers looking for new challenges. Runners who want to do something more than just the same 5k or 10k runs. Military and other hardcore outdoor thrill seekers, dads, moms, grandmas, and grandpas. Basically it's for anyone who likes doing fun and crazy things.


How do I train for Midwest OCR?

Getting outside and hitting the trails is always going to be helpful in preparing for an OCR. Anything that works grip strength is also going to be very beneficial. Things like going to your local park and playing around on monkey bars, climbing a rope at a crossfit gym, carrying heavy things around your backyard, these are all going to be helpful in getting you ready for race day. Some people will come out with the intention to win and will train like beasts, while others just come out to have fun and don't do any sort of training, and they'll finish when they finish. If you are anywhere near Plainfield, Illinois and are serious about your training and want to be able to practice on a lot of types of obstacles that you'll see on our course, check out HARTFIT our official training gym!


What should I bring?

  • A great attitude.

  • Your ID to pick up your packet.

  • Cash or Card for extra Midwest OCR swag, food, etc.

  • A change of clothes and a towel. We'll have hoses to rinse off and changing stations.


How long is the course?

We have THREE different race distances: 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles), and a 30K (18.6 miles). We also offer a  1/4 - 1/2 mile kid's course, for kiddos under the age of 12, which they can go through multiple times, if they don't want all the fun to stop.


What is the Bearded Challenge?

If one lap isn't enough, then take on The Bearded Challenge. To complete it, you must do THREE laps of the 10k course, for a total of 18+ miles and over 100 obstacles. Your first lap will earn you the original finisher's medal. Each additional lap will earn you a medal piece that will connect to your finisher's medal, regardless of obstacle completion. If you are able to complete all the obstacles during all three laps, you will be eligible to earn a podium spot. The overall top three male and female to complete all three laps while maintaining 100% obstacle completion will be awarded podium prizes. The top male and female will also receive a cash prize.


Can I compete for a podium spot in both the 10k and The Bearded Challenge?

No. However, if you are competing in the 10K competitive division and would like to go out for more laps and try to complete The Bearded Challenge FOR FUN, because you want to go have more play time on the obstacles or you want to earn the additional medal pieces, you can do both. You just can't COMPETE for podiums in both. When signing up for the 10K Competitive division, there will be an option to add on extra laps for $20. Whether you complete one extra lap or two, it's still only $20. For each additional lap, you'll earn a medal piece that will connect to your finisher's medal. You'll also receive The Bearded Challenge shirt.


Where is packet pick up?

You may pick up your race packet at the race venue before you race. We recommend arriving, at least, an hour before your wave time.


Bathrooms and Water Stops?

There will be restrooms located near the festival area. There are no restrooms located along the course. There will be water stations around every mile and a half throughout the course.


Will there be a Course Map?

YES! The course map is released during race week, usually on either the Thursday or Friday before the race. Be sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook because you'll get to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff leading up to the race, course previews and obstacle demos. Plus, we love connecting and getting to chat with you!


What if I can't complete an obstacle?

If you're running in a non-competitive (aka. just for fun) division, you are not required, NOR expected, to complete all the obstacles. Give it your best shot and just keep going. There's NO penalties for failing an obstacle. We want you to have fun and get to the finish line! If you're running in one of our competitive divisions, 100% obstacle completion is REQUIRED to earn a podium spot. Failing obstacles in the competitive division only takes you out of contention of earning a podium. Competitive racers will surrender their competitive wristband and then go on to complete the race. You still earn your medal and finisher's shirt.


What if I can't run the whole course?

Then WALK it! You can run, walk or crawl, as long as you get to the finish line. Go at your own pace and have fun! The course closes at 3pm, and the last wave goes off at 12pm. You got this!


Is my family allowed to come and watch?

ABSOLUTELY! There is no spectator fee and we'd love to see your friends and family come out to cheer for you. The course is very spectator friendly and you'll be able to walk around and cheer on athletes as they take on the course.


Are volunteers needed?

Oh gosh yes! Our main priority is getting volunteers on race day as Obstacle Marshals (your job is to make sure participants are going through the obstacle safely and correctly, while cheering them on). We also have volunteer opportunities during build week and post race to help set up the course, and clean up afterwards. Click on the Volunteer tab for more info.


What should I wear?

Normal running clothes work fine, just keep in mind that you will get dirty. Shoes that have some grip to them work best, such as a trail running shoe. You don't have to be fancy here, an old pair of shoes, t-shirt and shorts works too. We even see people do these types of events in costumes! Which make for great pictures, by the way!


Is there a time limit?

The course closes at 3pm. You could probably walk the entire 10K course in about 3 hours (roughly pacing around 30 minutes per mile), and half of that if you're doing the 5K course. If you think you need more time, just sign up for an early wave.


Is the 10K just two loops of the 5k course?

No. All racers start and finish at the same point, but there will be a split in the course where the 10k racers will go on to keep doing more mileage and more obstacles. Racers running the 10K or The Bearded Challenge (endurance) will see EVERY obstacle on the course.


What's the parking situation?

The venue charges $25 for on-site parking, which will need to be directly paid to them on Race Day. Cash only.


Do you offer refunds if I can't make the event for any reason?

We do not offer refunds. If you are concerned with something happening that could prevent you from showing up on race day (being sick, family emergency, etc), you have the option to add racer insurance. This is something offered through runsignup, that you can add on with your registration, so if something were to come up that would prevent you from racing, you wouldn't lose out on your race fee.


How do I become a Sponsor?

Check out our sponsor page HERE. If you have any questions, please contact us at for details.



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